About Natural Fertility NZ

Who we are, and what we do

Natural Fertility NZ (NFNZ) operates within the health sector to provide fertility education and support to its trainee & accredited educators.  NFNZ also increases awareness on natural family planning methods and fertility awareness.

  • Trains and certifies educators of natural family planning and fertility awareness
  • Promotes and educates about fertility awareness and its use as a natural family planning method to the public
  • Provides Continuing Medical Education to Doctors, Nurses & Midwives
  • Cooperates with other bodies, nationally and internationally, in promoting an understanding of fertility and its use as a method of natural family planning

Natural Fertility is a registered charity with the Charities Commission, registration number CC24974.

NFNZ is a national Association of trained and continuously up-dated Fertility Educators who have undergone an extensive training programme in Natural Family Planning methods.  Fertility Educators provide education on Fertility Awareness and teach Natural Family Planning  to individuals, couples, medical and health professionals along with providing group education.

Our Fertility Educators generally come from a medical or health professional background.  After a 12 month training programme that includes a clinical practice component, all Educators undergo a regular full clinical audit and are re-accredited to NFNZ annually. NFNZ is committed to the on-going training of its Educators through training days and monthly updates about medical advances and relevant scientific research.

NFNZ Educators hold clinics and/or provide home visits in most main centres throughout New Zealand and many also provide Skype consultations nationally and internationally for those clients living outside of serviced areas.  Group Education is also provided throughout much of New Zealand.

Natural Fertility NZ aims to be the authority on fertility awareness and natural family planning ...
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NFNZ is governed by a voluntary council, and managed day to day by...
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NFNZ began in 1974 ...
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You can support NFNZ by advocating for the use of natural methods, or by donating...
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