Become a Natural Fertility Educator

Become a Natural Fertility Educator

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Welcome to Natural Fertility New Zealand

We are a registered charity who provide natural family planning advice and education to women, couples, health professionals and in schools.

The next NFNZ Certificate in Fertility and Reproductive health begins in Feb 2024. We train, accredit and audit our educators to ensure we have highly trained, professional experts assisting New Zealanders with choosing and using the best natural family planning method for them.

If you are passionate about Natural Fertility and have a background in health you can apply for enrolment with us to become an educator. For detailed information on our courses including fee's Click Here, or apply below.

About the Course

Natural Fertility NZ (NFNZ) is an non-profit organisation, that trains and equips educators to teach evidenced based fertility awareness based methods to individuals and couples, in particular:

  • The Sympto-Thermal Method (STM)
  • Advanced guidelines for STM
  • The lactational amenorrhea method (LAM) & fertility while breastfeeding

Educators are also prepared to present Continuing Medical Education (CME) to GP’s, Midwives and Nurses, and to present community education sessions.
NFNZ supports its Accredited Educators through continued access to senior educators, monthly educator online meetings for chart discussion, facebook group for general discussion, and a number of grants (the details of the grants are made available after the organisation has secured their funding for the year - usually in January).

The full programme is taught over 36 months, which is divided into a Certificate & Diploma. You will start by obtaining the Certificate in the 1st year, and then if you choose to do so, the Diploma in the first semester of the 3rd year. The Diploma is not compulsory, and can be completed at any time when there is an intake (every 2-3 years). Some educators choose to wait a couple of years to build up their experience first.

While this programme is not NZQA accredited (not eligible for a Studylink student loan), it is highly respected, with NFNZ Educators registered to provide CME sessions for GP’s, Midwives and Nurses.
Upon successful completion of the Programme, you will be awarded the ‘Certificate in Fertility Education and Reproductive Health’ and offered membership to NZNZ. While a member, you will be recognised as a NFNZ Accredited Educator and can access the many benefits of membership. This will help you as you begin your Fertility education business or add this knowledge to your current businesses services.

Please apply below or by using the link in the guide. Please note that we will only be training up to 12 students in 2024, so don't delay in applying to secure your place on the course.

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