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Member Information


The 2021 Membership is now open for applications and renewal.

Firstly I want to extend my thanks to all of our students, members and contractors for their resilience and flexibility in 2020. Although as an organisation we were already becoming well adapted to an online environment, we still faced challenges in the past 9 months which required everyone to adapt with constant changing circumstances. As I look forward to 2021 I am eager and excited to get onto all the exciting things we have coming up, and with careful planning for the year ahead, we will be prepared to succeed regardless of any further alert level changes. his is an exciting time of year and I want to acknowledge the time taken to fill in the Annual feedback survey. This helps us tweak and define what our membership looks like so that we can be as efficient as we can in serving our members and the goals of the society. The feedback has been so positive with members enjoying the perks and support we offer. We have noted a considerable uptake in grants, phone support, meeting participation and an increase of 29% in client appointments. I think we all can agree that in 2020 with many challenges we can truly celebrate that as a win.

NFNZ has taken note of feedback regarding the requirement of educators to undertake a group education session each year. We understand this is not for everyone so we have added ‘Group Education’ as its own chosen scope of practice option. If chosen members will be able to access more grant money, with the requirement of completing at least one per year. We strongly encourage members to engage with their community with talks as this is a great way to market yourself, make connections within your local community and fulfill our goals and our purpose as a society.

Here at NFNZ, it is important that our members continue to build relationships with each other, which we all know can be challenging in an online environment. Much consideration has taken place around this and we can confirm we have made some great additions to our annual schedule. From Jan the 27th we are excited to trial our new informal virtual coffee groups, with three planned across the year. Also, two cultural awareness meetings on top of our four planned Clinical momentum meetings. We have our annual AGM in Christchurch as well as our 2-3 mornings teas across NZ being planned for late January. It is my hope that I can see each of you face to face this year if possible!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and the details below. I hope you are excited about 2021 and will continue to walk with NFNZ. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and new year, hopefully getting time to do what you love best with the people you care about!

Warm Regards

Roshanne Annan
Operations Manager

Full Professional Membership  - Applications close 28/2/21

Annual fee: 145.00


  • NFNZ Accreditation (Each year 10% of our accredited educators are picked at random for an Audit)

  • Boosted post on the NFNZ facebook page advertising you and your business (Boost duration 1 month)
  • A website listing, and an individual professional bio/contact page on our website.

  • Up to $300 worth of grants, $600.00 if you have included Group education in your scope of practice. They can be used for client subsidies and/or Education grants.
    Further grants may be available for education sessions given specifically to Iwi health care providers and Marae

  • 4.5 hrs of professional phone support annually with Cassandra our Clinical Supervisor.

  • Free Rack cards for you to put in your local GP, Midwifery and other local health service clinics. There is a place for your contact details on the back.

  • New accreditation certificate valid from January to December 2020.

  • Free Charity access to our ‘Google for work’ including all associated business apps, google drive and a NFNZ work email. (Worth $50.00 per year if purchased yourself commercially)

  • Online teaching resources

  • Access to our monthly MMM's for ongoing learning and support

  • Opportunities to write articles on behalf of NFNZ (please notify us if you are interested)

Free access to:

  • 4 X Momentum Clinical meetings
  • AGM held in Christchurch in 2021
  • 2 x Cultural awareness session
  • 4 x Virtual coffee groups. These are informal online catch ups where you can discuss business, communication and anything else on your mind with other educators


  • Complete 8 hours of ongoing education in the last year.
  • Complete at least five chart interpretations in the last year. If not, please email admin and charts will be supplied.
  • Be willing to complete a Professional Review. Picked randomly by ballot on March 1st, notice will be given and the start date can be negotiated but it must be completed no later than the 1st of September.

Specific to your chosen scope of practice as an NFNZ Educator

  • Client categories - Work with at least one client from each of the categories you are trained in and have chosen to remain accredited in, each year. If not, complete the appropriate case study and chart interpretation quizzes provided in the Member area online.
  • Group education - Complete at least one group session each year.

What does it mean to be NFNZ Accredited?

NFNZ provides assurance to prospective clients that our educators are up to high standards of clinical practice. We do this by annually reviewing 10% of our educators, providing Monthly Meetings to discuss charts and we have a set of Continuing Competence criteria that must be met every year. If you are randomly selected you will have 12 weeks to complete and pass the audit. Please refer to the membership form for the requirements associated with this full membership.

Non Practising Membership

Annual fee $25.00

This membership is great if you need to take a break from taking on clients as an Accredited Natural Fertility Educator.

  • Access to Monthly Momentum Meeting’s

  • Invite to AGM

  • Access to Facebook page

  • Required to complete a quiz for each client category you are trained in. Any remedial work required will need to be compleated when returning to a full membership

  • When you return to a full membership you will immediately be added to the pool for professional review

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