CME Resources

Ongoing Education for Nurses

Nurses have the option of creating their own ongoing learning opportunities. Compared to ongoing education sessions for GP's and Midwives which must be approved by their respective governing bodies, the CME session for Nurses is just a suggested programme by NFNZ. To qualify for the $300 grant NFNZ asks you please follow our slideshow although the NZ Nurses Council doesn't require this.

CME for Midwives and GP's

The Midwifery Council and the RCGP have each approved a set education session. Below you will find key documents and teaching tools essential to teaching these education sessions. If you cannot find a certain resource or if its not loading we may be waiting on a updated version. Please email

Forms for any CME session
GP education session - Fertility & the menstrual cycle
Midwifery Education session - Breastfeeding and fertility

Note: Midwifery Approval Letter Pending.