Stephanie Soderling

Stephanie is passionately committed to helping others take control of their reproductive goals while allowing their natural cycles to remain intact and offering invaluable body literacy skills.

She has an interesting and varied background, which spans different industries and has helped to develop her innate communication skills.

People from all walks of life tend to feel very comfortable in her presence and she is delighted to work alongside women and couples in this capacity to help them conceive, avoid conception or for general cycle awareness.

Steph can work with clients remotely/online or in the wider Whangarei region.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Community Education

Sara Nicole Dwyer

Sara trained through NFNZ after discovering fertility awareness for herself and having a burning desire to share this knowledge with anyone else searching for it. She believes charting fosters a better understanding and connection with yourself. Sara works with woman or couples wanting to conceive, as a method of contraception or to gain more understand of their fertility. She can see clients in her clinic or nation-wide and internationally online via ‘zoom’.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Fertility while Breastfeeding | Community Education