Robyn Fausett

Robyn is a Fertility Nurse (RGN), in-school Educator, Speaker and an accredited NFNZ Educator & Trainer. 

Via her company, Nest Consulting, Robyn & her staff provide a number of highly regarded school programmes including ‘Positive Puberty Plus’, ‘Teen Talks: Fertility Awareness and Responsibility’, ‘Cycle Smarter’, ‘Sensitive Subjects’ & ‘Body Talk’ throughout New Zealand.

Robyn can be booked for CME (for health professionals: ‘Fertility and the Menstrual Cycle’ and ‘Fertility and Breastfeeding’) and for Community Talks with topics ranging all aspects of women’s health and/or fertility including the popular ‘Managing Menopause’ evening.

Robyn also sees natural fertility clients wanting to conceive or avoid pregnancy, either face to face in West, North and Central Auckland or via confidential online-platform appointments.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception  |  In School Education  |  CME Provider

Tammy Hart

Tammy is an accredited Natural Fertility Educator with NFNZ who enjoys teaching clients on a one to one basis, seeing clients who are wanting to conceive or alternatively those want to avoid pregnancy.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Fertility while Breastfeeding

Chantelle Meikle

Chantelle is an accredited NFNZ Educator, qualified to help you learn about your fertility, whether that is to avoid or to achieve a pregnancy.  As a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, Chantelle has a special interest in helping women balance their hormones and overcome their infertility.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Fertility while Breastfeeding | Community Education

Mary Lynne Minor

Mary Lynne works in the Hamilton and Waikato area and has a wealth of knowledge and nearly 40 years clinical experience.  She enjoys working with couples helping them track their fertility during their reproductive years so that they can choose when they want to conceive.

Mary Lynne is currently the Theory Supervisor for the Natural Fertility NZ Educator training programme, as well as regularly facilitating Positive Puberty programmes for year 7 students and parents; and Contraceptive Methods, as part of a Relationship Programme, for Year 12 students in some Secondary schools.  Mary Lynne makes herself available to GP’s and Practice Nurses to talk about our services and facilitate discussion as to how both groups can work together towards the patients goals.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception  |  Fertility while Breastfeeding | In School Education  |  CME Provider

Anna Delaney

Anna trained after using the method herself for 15 years, passionate that charting nurtures a deeper relationship with self and also respects the planet. She works with women and couples wanting a baby, avoiding conception, or learning about fertility. Anna has two children and is doing a masters in psychotherapy.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception

Ashly Olsen

Ashly is an accredited NFNZ educator and a degree qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical
Herbalist. As well as educating and helping couples to conceive or use natural fertility for
contraception, Ashly is interested in using her Naturopathic and Nutritional background to help men
and women optimise their reproductive health. Ashly is based in Tauranga and open to see
couples in clinic, as well as being available via Skype for couples outside of Tauranga.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception  |  Fertility while Breastfeeding | Community Education  |  CME Provider

Erin Hunter

Erin is a hospital based Midwife and also a Fertility Educator trained by Natural Fertility NZ. Most of her career has been centered around healthcare including nursing and health recruitment.

Erin lives in West Auckland. She loves to work with clients who want to learn more about their own unique fertility. This knowledge can be used for general fertility awareness as well as for conception and contraception purposes

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception

Roberta Meksraityte

Roberta Mek is an accredited NFNZ Educator, and an acupuncturist with advanced training in fertility and obstetrics. She is the first in New Zealand to become Fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Oriental Medicine. Roberta recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from ZheJiang University of Chinese Medicine, PR China. Roberta is interested in the application of acupuncture in improving/preserving fertility, pregnancy conditions, and endometriosis-related symptoms. Roberta consults from Dr Vitalis Fertility Acupuncture, Auckland.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception  |  CME Provider