Sue Dodsworth

Sue is an NFNZ accredited Natural Fertility Educator in North Auckland. She enjoys working with couples wanting to conceive or to avoid pregnancy and women wanting to know more about their menstrual health. She has a passion for women’s health and wellbeing and is a registered Naturopath and has previously worked in infertility.

Location: Face to Face Appointments in Auckland, Online all of NZ

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Angela Ivory

Founder of Bespoke Births (NZ), Angela loves her role of holistically educating and empowering women of all ages. A Birth, Post Natal & Bereavement Doula, Registered Homeopath, Accredited HypnoBirthing Educator, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Bach Flower Practitioner, Angela is thrilled to be able to offer Natural Fertility to both her new and existing clients.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Fertility while Breastfeeding | Perimenopause | Community Education

Emily Tapley

Emily is a Registered Midwife, NFNZ accredited Fertility Awareness Educator, and Certified Yoga Teacher. She teaches the Sympto-Thermal Method for natural contraception, conception and body awareness. Education sessions are available to singles, couples, and groups.

Emily is passionate about body literacy and thriving in our natural hormones. She is curious about how we can use the menstrual cycle as a guide to our lives, using strengths and challenges at each phase to our advantage. Body awareness benefits people of all ages, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Emily’s ethos: reproductive physiology education is pivotal and enriching for everyone, no matter what your fertility goals are.

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Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | CME and Community education Sessions

Ashly Olsen

Ashly is an accredited NFNZ educator and a degree qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical
Herbalist. As well as educating and helping couples to conceive or use natural fertility for
contraception, Ashly is interested in using her Naturopathic and Nutritional background to help men
and women optimise their reproductive health. Ashly is based in Tauranga and open to see
couples in clinic, as well as being available via Skype for couples outside of Tauranga.

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Chantelle Meikle

Chantelle is an accredited NFNZ Educator, qualified to help you learn about your fertility, whether that is to avoid or to achieve a pregnancy.  As a Womens Health Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, Chantelle has a special interest in helping women balance their hormones and supporting both partners to conceive healthy baby’s.

If you want to find out if the Sympto-thermal method is right for you, please book a free discovery call.

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Stephanie Soderling

Stephanie is passionately committed to helping others take control of their reproductive goals while allowing their natural cycles to remain intact and offering invaluable body literacy skills.

She has an interesting and varied background, which spans different industries and has helped to develop her innate communication skills.

People from all walks of life tend to feel very comfortable in her presence and she is delighted to work alongside women and couples in this capacity to help them conceive, avoid conception or for general cycle awareness.

Steph can work with clients remotely/online or in the wider Whangarei region.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Community Education

Tammy Hart

Tammy is an accredited Natural Fertility Educator with NFNZ who enjoys teaching clients on a one to one basis, seeing clients who are wanting to conceive or alternatively those want to avoid pregnancy.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Fertility while Breastfeeding

Helen Lloyd

Helen is an Accredited Natural Fertility Educator with NFNZ who enjoys teaching clients on a one to one basis. She meets clients face to face in Wellington, or online for those who live elsewhere or if online is an easier option for them. Helen sees clients who are wanting to conceive, avoid pregnancy, or simply wanting to learn more about their fertility and menstrual cycle.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Community Education

Robyn Fausett

Robyn is a Fertility Nurse (RGN), in-school Educator, Speaker, Published Author and an accredited NFNZ Educator & Trainer.
Via her company, Nest Consulting, Robyn & her staff provide a number of highly regarded school programmes including ‘Positive Puberty Plus©’, ‘Teen Talks: Fertility Awareness and Responsibility©’, ‘Cycle Smarter©’, ‘Sensitive Subjects©’ & ‘Body Talk©’ throughout New Zealand.
Robyn can be booked for CME (for health professionals: ‘Fertility and the Menstrual Cycle’ and ‘Fertility and Breastfeeding’) and for Community & Corporate Talks with topics ranging all aspects of women’s health and/or fertility including the popular ‘The ‘M’ Word – Managing Menopause’ evening.
Robyn also sees natural fertility clients wanting to conceive or avoid pregnancy, either face to face in West, North and Central Auckland or via confidential online-platform appointments worldwide.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception  |  In School Education  |  CME Provider

Sara Nicole Dwyer

Sara trained through NFNZ after discovering fertility awareness for herself and having a burning desire to share this knowledge with anyone else searching for it. She believes charting fosters a better understanding and connection with yourself. Sara works with woman or couples wanting to conceive, as a method of contraception or to gain more understand of their fertility. She can see clients in her clinic or nation-wide and internationally online via ‘zoom’.

Trying to Conceive  |  Avoiding Conception | Fertility while Breastfeeding | Community Education