Monthly Momentum Meetings (currently being updated)

Educator led MMM's

Each educator needs to book in to present a set of charts for discussion on a annual basis

  • You create a powerpoint presentation showing 2-3 slides, with some client history and some questions for each.
  • If you have not been seeing clients you will need to create a mock set of charts.
  • The administrator will need share your screen during the meeting when its your time to present..
  • If you cannot attend or present charts for any reason you will need to give us plenty of notice.
  • The Presentation and discussion can last for about 20 mins or so.

Benefits for the educator:

  • Personal and professional Growth
  • Hone your presentation skills
  • Prep and presentation time can be logged against your ongoing professional development hours

Activity and hours earned:

    • Attend live meeting and contribute to discussion - 1 hour
    • Prepare for, attend and present MMM - 2.5 hours
    • Listen and watch via Recording - .5 hours
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