Fertility Awareness in Women Attending a Fertility Clinic

EDITORIAL COMMENT: In this paper the authors have made an important point. Counselling concerning simple treatment options should be the first step in the management of infertility as for most other medical problems. Conversely it could be said, as stated by an Anglican priest to the editor about 10 years ago, that counselling the infertile couple, who were candidates for only the most complicated regimens of reproductive technology, should include acceptance of their infertility. Many years ago the editor, when doing a locum,met a couple whose longstanding infertility was the result of misunderstanding of the physiology of conception,with avoidance of coitus at the fertile time of the cycle- conception occurred 2 months after a simple explanation of the physiology of the menstrual cycle as advocated in this paper.

Aust NZ J Obstet Gynaecol
1997; 37: 3: 1
D.Blake, D Smith, A. Bargiacchi, M. France, and G.Gudex
Fertility PLUS,National Women’s Hospital, Auckland and New Zealand Association of Natural Family Planning