Client Appointment Subsidies

In 2018 The Natural Family Planning Foundation has granted us funds to subsidise the cost of  80 clients to go through 3 appointments (It takes 3 appointments to learn the method)

The Subsidies are worth $100.00 and are paid directly to the educator you have the appointments with.
The full fee charged by each Educator varies, but is usually between $250 - $300 for a set of 3 appointments. The subsidy could save you 30 - 40%!


T & Cs

  • The subsidy can go toward a full set of appointments under any category
  • The appointments can be in person or online
  • Client must pay for any amount owing after the 100.00 subsidy has been applied.
  • Clients need to commit to filling in a quick feedback form after they have attended all 3 appointments.
  • Educators have a limited number of subsidies they can offer their clients
  • For New Zealand residents only

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